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As of 10/16/2008, the Oakland County Health Divisions Well Log System has been updated. We are continuing to address your needs as you work in Oakland County.

The following are the latest enhancements:

1) Users may now save well logs as they enter them if information is still pending (pump info, etc.). A SAVE button is available at the bottom of the data entry pages.

2) The To Do List has been expanded to provide more organization and information to well drillers. There are now 5 sections in the To Do List:
  1. Well Logs Rejected by OCHD – same as before, these logs require corrections and can be edited and resubmitted.
  2. Known Well Installation – same as before, these are current logs to be filled out.
  3. Well Logs Saved by the Driller – if you save a well log while entering, it will appear in this section.
  4. Well Logs Accepted by OCHD – once a submitted well log has been accepted, it will appear in this section. It will stay in this section unless the user checks the “Move Selected” box for the well log and clicks on the “Move Selected” heading. The well log is then moved to the Previous Accepted Well Logs section.
  5. Previous Accepted Well Logs – this section serves as a historical archive of all well logs for a well driller entered into the E-Health system.

All sections of the To Do List can be collapsed or expanded by clicking the arrows next to the heading.

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